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ePassi joins FinFin and has exciting news

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Finnish ePassi Payments Oy, a company specialized in mobile payments, has joined FinFin as a new member. ePassi is a part of the Finnish Tech Consulting Group TCG formed together with technology company Eficode.

“We joined FinFin to support building a flourishing fintech ecosystem in Finland and also to effectively network with the other players in the field”, says Masood Arai, ePassi’s VP in Payment Services.

Earlier this week, ePassi announced a collaboration with Alipay and five other European mobile payment wallets to enhance the interoperability of digital payments in Europe. These seven companies are about to approve a uniform QR code to provide seamless and improved services in the promising yet dispersed arena of mobile payments in Europe.

FinFin congratulates ePassi on this great news!

More information about the announcement on ePassi’s website:

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