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Season’s Greetings from Fintech Finland

The year 2019 is reaching its end, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our members and other important stakeholders, for all the productive co-operation and inspiring encounters.

This year has been a significant one for our association. First of all, we got a new board and also reinforcements to our operations: Kirsi Suopelto started as the CEO and Saara Vilokkinen as a communications specialist. With this team, we put the big fintech wheel rolling organising a bunch of new events for our community to share relevant information and offer opportunities for the different actors of the ecosystem to network and increase co-operation. For example, we organised the Finland Fintech Forum event for the first time, and it gathered together nearly 200 attendees to discuss on the development of the Finnish Fintech industry. We were of course also present at Slush 2019, the most important start-up event of the year. Read more about our own FINTECH CRASH COURSE x SLUSH event organised together with Helsinki Business Hub and other fintech side events we attended from our previous posts. In addition to these, we organised a whole lot of smaller events in co-operation with several partners.

As the highlight of the year, we ordered the most comprehensive study of the Finnish Fintech landscape so far from Deloitte together with Helsinki Business Hub and published it in the autumn at Finland Fintech Forum. Read more and download the Finland as a FinTech Hub whitepaper here.

There is a lot to see also in the year 2020. We will strongly focus on growth and internationalisation of start up businesses. Right in the beginning of the year we will start supporting our members to navigate through the rough seas of regulatory, compliance and risk management. At the same time, for more established businesses we will offer insight on innovations and new business models. We will continue promoting the industry interests and building a better operational environment for the Finnish fintech ecosystem.

Stay tuned for next year’s adventures by ordering our newsletter here and following us in social media on Facebook, Twitter (FintechFinland) & LinkedIn (fintechfinland). We have just added an external newsletter subscription option on our website, so please feel free to spread the word about this opportunity to anyone who might be interested in hearing about the latest and most relevant fintech news and events in Finland!

We wish you happy and relaxing holidays and hope to meet all of you also next year!

The Fintech Finland team

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