Fintech Finland, Helsinki Fintech Farm and Deloitte are on a mission to strengthen Finland’s position
as one of the global fintech hubs. We are undertaking a strategic analysis of the fintech landscape
and ecosystem in Finland which forms the basis for formulating a strategy and transformation
roadmap. This will also support communications on fintech industry related matters.

Initially, we are conducting an online survey in order to understand the operations, priorities and
needs of the Finnish fintech companies as the basis determining priority development areas.
Through a web survey we are able to collect Fintech community insights concerning the supporting
ecosystem and the companies’ growth strategies. The results of the web survey will be published in
mid June at a seminar organized by Helsinki Fintech Farm.

Fintech Finland and Helsinki Fintech Farm fintech members have been contacted directly by an e-
mail including a link to the survey. If you haven’t received the e-mail, please, be in contact with us.
At the same time with the online survey for fintech companies Deloitte will undertake interviews
with subject matter experts of the wider fintech society and its stakeholders concerning critical
success factors of the ecosystem. Information received from the interviews will enrich the online
survey data.
Finally, Deloitte will undertake data collection and strategic analysis concerning the Finnish fintech
companies, the critical success factors of the ecosystem, global Fintech hubs along with synthesizing
key insights from all analyses and making key recommendations that altogether form a white paper.
The white paper will be published next autumn.

Formulating the white paper is part of the Fintech Finland and Helsinki Business Hub led two year
program to boost the financial technology industry in Finland and to promote the country’s
capabilities in becoming an international hub for fintech development and innovation. The project is
funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the City of Helsinki and private
investors, including Finance Finland and Technology Industries of Finland.

For more information, contact
– Kirsi Suopelto, CEO, Fintech Finland, +358 50 560 2349,

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