It’s time to break the silence and we have several reasons for doing that!

Let me introduce myself at first. My name is Kirsi Suopelto and I’ve been appointed as a CEO of Fintech Finland. I have over 20 years experience working in various roles within financial industry. Please, see more detailed information on my background here.

Colleagues witness my pragmatic approach and hands-on attitude. I am especially fascinated by talent, courage and good stories. And this is the Finnish fintech society is all about! I am honored to work for this society with all the Fintech Finland contacts you are already familiar with. My role is to support them in daily operations which in turn would lead to better service for all of you.

Additional great news is that Fintech Finland together with Helsinki Business Hub has launched a new initiative to boost the financial technology industry in Finland and to promote the country’s capabilities in becoming an international hub for fintech development and innovation. The project is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the City of Helsinki and private investors, including Finance Finland and Technology Industries of Finland.

The program aims to bring together all the key players into a tight ecosystem and invite foreign companies to discover new business opportunities. The goal of the two-year program is to create an internationally renowned fintech ecosystem, support the establishment of new fintech companies, increase the profitability and number of jobs of the fintech industry and attract foreign companies and their centers of expertise and innovation to Finland.

The program commences by creating a growth strategy for the Finnish fintech industry. Awareness of the Finnish fintech expertise will be promoted through organizing global and local events and sharing topical information through a new digital fintech portal.

What this all means in practice? We are still finalizing a concrete action plan for the program but it is for sure that there will be more active comms and more activity with events compared to last months. For instance, on our websites there will soon be detailed information on breakfast seminars focusing on business opportunities of Hong Kong and PSD2. We have also started discussions on partnering up with commercial players in the field and most probably you will meet us also at their events.

It is still possible for a few selected value-adding partners to join this forerunner project. I would also like to remind here, you have your say as well. So, don’t be strangers but let us know what you need. We are here for you!

For more information, contact

  • Kirsi Suopelto, CEO, Fintech Finland, +358 50 560 2349,


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